is an application I develop to support coaching. It aims to be a personal life guide in your pocket. The first feature it offers is the Wheel of Life self-assessment, designed to help you increase your life satisfaction through.

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AI to Support Coaching

The Wheel of Life assessment is my first step toward the dream I have of leveraging technology to support coaching. Unlike many apps, MamZen is all about privacy – it doesn’t store your data, it doesn’t even require the Internet to work, and it will always run on your device, locally. It may also be the only app developed by a soon-to-be coach. And I promise, it will always be ad-free. But I won’t promise that there won’t be any AI features in the next version I work on. Even then, it will always work and store data on your device, ensuring complete privacy. It will be grounded in the GROW model of coaching, not just “hallucinations” about it.

Your Feedback Matters

Your support and feedback are crucial for the development direction of MamZen. Please try it, tell me what you think, and share it with anyone who might benefit. This version is totally free. In the future, there might be some paid features to support the app’s sustainable development, but the core experience will always be there for you, ad-free, private, and on your device.

MamZen Principles

The key values governing MamZen development are:

  • GROWth-Driven: To help YOU grow. Not AI, not business, simply – YOU. The challenge I’m undertaking is to find a way to make technology support your growth.
  • Total Privacy: Data stays on your device; the app functions offline and without ads. And it will stay so.
  • Blended Professionalism: Created by an AI and R&D professional, currently pursuing postgraduate coaching studies. I continue to study both fields and blending technology, AI and personal development.
  • Personal Connection: Developed by an individual, this app offers you the opportunity to reach out to me, discuss your experience with the app, and, in the near future, request coaching services, to support your growth.
  • Simple Business Model: While not profit-driven, sustainability is key. I aim to provide so much value within the app, that it will make it reasonable to pay for the extra features. Until then, your feedback is the most valued reward.

Where to Find MamZen?

Online: (Progressive Web App)

Microsoft Store: